Video Surveillance – Explained by points!

Video Surveillance system from Technician Standpoint can be put in 4 components.

  1. Video Camera – A device that converts visible light to an electrical impulse and sent down a cable like CAT-6 or Coax.
  2. Electrical Cable – This can be any kind of cable as long as the camera and record will support it or converters can be used to change the signal to some that can be used by them. Typically this is a CAT-5/5e/6 or greater for IP based cameras and Coax like RG-59/6.
  3. DVR (Digital Video Recorder) / NVR (Network Video Recorder) – This is a device that converts the electrical signal from the camera into a format that can be recorded to an hard drive. In most cases the format is something like h.264 or h.265 to save space, but each recorder manufacturer uses there own version of the standard to do that.
  4. Viewing Software or Station – This could be part of the DVR/NVR, but on larger systems it is a separate PC that connects to the recorders to do either or both live viewing of the cameras and/or viewing of the recorded video.
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